Sledgehammers Apparel originated in Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada . Created by four lifelong friends , with the idea to make clothing for blue collar , hard working people (like ourselves) that don’t mind grinding through the mud , snow and the rain! If you’re willing to work in those conditions then we bet you’re willing to play in them too!! The athletes we sponsor all come from hard working backgrounds as well , whether it’s brick-laying , heavy-duty mechanics or industrial painting we all know what a hard days work feels like . Sledgehammers Apparel and its blue-collar origins manufactures high quality clothing and accessories for all walks of life, whether it’s skateboarding, sledding, snowbiking, snowboarding, moto, MMA, hunting, fishing or just whatever you’re into, we have what you’re looking for!


Where It’s At Entertainment is a rapidly growing company in the entertainment industry that was formed in 2008. We strive to stay ahead of the game to bring you the best in entertainment and want to throw events that everyone can enjoy. We are one of the top FEATURED PROMOTERS in the Vancouver industry. Where It’s At Entertainment will plan, host, and execute your event from beginning to end and will incorporate any of your individual ideas, or visions. As we are affiliated with a variety of other promotional companies; we collaborate with them to ensure your event is one that will not only be a success, but an event to be remembered. 

Chelsie & Co. are the founders of ‘Where Its At Entertainment’ and we live to entertain! Having experienced horrible events with bad music, bad lighting and a bad atmosphere we know what it takes to make your event awesome and bring you exactly what you’re looking for.


 HavocPro Scooters was established in 2011. Since then, HavocPro Scooters has become the most popular brand in Canada and is expanding rapidly into the USA and Australia. Please see their store locator. There continues to be an increasing amount of scooter competitions throughout the world which is creating longevity and popularity in this exciting sport. Be sure to check their event calendar and social media pages for additional info.

HavocPro Scooters are designed by riders for riders. Their products offer excellent performance and durability. Their mission is to promote their brand extensively and continue to support their fast growing Havoc dealer network. They strive on providing the best quality, customer service and warranty in the industry. They have a growing number of Sponsored Havoc Riders that continues to strengthen the brand and educate scooter riders. In the last few years, they have taken all HavocPro Riders on extensive cross country tours throughout North America and continue to involve them in select competitions. Please check out their website by clicking on the logo for videos from these tours and competitions.